Ranks - Aircraft Qualified to Fly per Rank


BadgeRankFlight-HoursACF Certified to Operate
Student Pilot0 to 5Training
Private Pilot6 to 24Previous Ranks + Commuter, Race
Commercial Pilot25 to 49Previous Ranks + Cargo Light
Airline Transport Pilot50 to 99Previous Ranks + Short Range
Second Officer100 to 149Previous Ranks + Special Operations
First Officer150 to 199Previous Ranks + Medium Range
Senior First Officer200 to 249Previous Ranks + Specialty
Captain250 to 299Previous Ranks + Specialty, Cargo Heavy
Flight Captain300 to 349Previous Ranks + Long Range
Senior Captain350 to 399Previous Ranks + Helos
Executive Captain400 to 499Previous Ranks + Ultra Range
Executive Chief Captain500 and abovePrevious Ranks + Ultra Range Heavy