Frequently Asked Questions

Additional FAQ and information can be found in our ticket system where we publish frequent issues and solutions on a central base.

Can I only fly routes from the hub that I have been assigned to?

As an Alliance Airways pilot, you can fly any route that Alliance Airways has to offer.

Do I have to fly my route at the assigned sheduled departure time?

No. You can fly your flights at your convenience. However, it is highly recommended that you set the time on Xplane to the departure time for added realism.

Do I need to use real weather with my flights?

We don't require you to fly with real weather turned on, however, we encourage you to for a more realistic experience.


How do I keep current?

Active status is obtained by flying a minimum of on flight per month. 

Can I use non-Alliance Airways aircraft to fly my routes?

Yes. Alliance Airways Pilots with a rank of Private Pilot (PPL) and above are allowed to log flight hours conducted with any aircraft they choose to operate, and are not restricted to logging flight hours by operating only Alliance Airways Aircraft.

What is the correct way to report flight hours? Do flight hours include taxi time as well as flight time?

All real world pilots report engine time as their flight hours and thus Alliance Airways flight hours should be reported based on engine time as well. This means that you can start your timer from the moment you turn on the engine at the departing airport to the moment that you turn it off at the destination airport. This means that flight hours includes flight time, taxi time and instrument set up time while at the ramp.

Do I have to use ACARS to report my flights?

Yes. Alliance Airways uses ACARS for flight reporting. Flight reports (PIREP's) must be sent using ACARS. On rare occasions a manual flight report can be filed, but this is strictly limited. If you are not able to connect to the ACARS system, you may file a manual flight report and enter a comment why you were not able to send the PIREP using ACARS. Manual flight reports are reported via "My Profile" function, right after the list of your last flights is a button "File Manual PIREP". Enter your data in there and an administrator will validate your flight. Don't forget to give us a hint why you've filed that PIREP.

I need to re-login too often, can we have a "remember me" functionallity on the web page?

We removed all cookies functionallity on the new web site. This has been done for security reasons and to respect some international laws.

If you like to read more about reasons check this.

I've completed a tour but my badge is missing?

Enter the tour site again. Right after all your flights (in green) is a buttom to redeem your bage. The button is only shown if the tour has been completed according the rules and the flights were performed in correct sequence. If button is not present and you think you've completed th tour, please file a ticket and our support team will do a manual evaluation.