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Our Tours and Charters team has assembled a USACAPITALS tour for our Alliance pilots.

We will be visiting the following airports:

KORD Chicago

KLAN Lansing

KCMH Columbus

KMDT Harrisburg

KBDL Hartford/Springfield

KAUG Augusta

KBOS Boston

KMPV Barre/Montpelier

KPVD Providence

KALB Albany

KTTN Trenton

KCON Concord

KDOV Dover

KCRW Charleston

KBWI Baltimore

KRDU Raleigh/Durham

KDCA Washington

KCAE Columbia

KBNA Nashville

KRIC Richmond

KATL Atlanta

KFFT Frankfort

KSPI Springfield

KIND Indianapolis

KJEF Jefferson City

KLIT Little Rock

KMGM Montgomery

KTLH Tallahassee

KJAN Jackson

KBTR Baton Rouge

KAUS Austin

KOKC Oklahoma City

KFOE Topeka

KDSM Des Moines

KMSN Madison

KMSP Minneapolis

KBIS Bismarck

KPIR Pierre

KCYS Cheyenne

KSLC Salt Lake City

KBOI Boise

KHLN Helena

KOLM Olympia

PAJN Juneau

KSLE Salem

KCXP Carson City

KSMF Sacramento

PHNL Honolulu

KPHX Phoenix

KSAF Santa Fé

KDEN Denver

KLNK Lincoln

Each airport has custom scenery that can be downloaded from the AXX Scenery Hanager, or Ted's Scenery. The Flight Information page for each flight contains the download location of the scenery.

This tour takes you to all the state Capitals in the United States of America

This tour will take some time as there are 52 states to visit

The tour starts in Chicago and ends in Lincoln

Many of the State Capitals are not the usual names you would fly to in the USA

Enjoy the tour and learn more about the USA flying over 18000 NM

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