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Tour of Scotland

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Welcome to the beautiful country of Scotland! This tour will be one of relaxation and fun, yet challenging mentally and physically.

**Please Read The Routes Page Thoroughly! It has specific instructions that you may want to follow. However, since it is VFR, you may fly however you wish.***

This tour is VFR only. It is recommended that you only use a Cessna 172 or a de Havilland Twin Otter throughout this tour. Real world weather is a must for realism. Just make sure to fly on a nice day. You may manually adjust your weather in X-Plane in the case of bad weather, but it is not recommended.

The tour will take you from Glasgow to the sandy beach runways of Barra. From there you will leave Barra and head to Stornoway with a final return flight back to Glasgow.

Sounds easy, right? Not so fast, here comes the challenging part. As you navigate from this page over to the Rules and Route page, you will read about what must be accomplished for each flight. By doing so, you will be able to see the beautiful landscape of Scotland

::::The following sceneries are recommended but are not essential, with the possible exception of the one for Barra EGPR which really is essential::::

  • EGPF Glasgow : either default Aerosoft one (X-Plane Europe edition), poor, or by Wycliffe Barrett, good!

  • Erskine Bridge : A landmark on the Clyde near Glasgow.

  • Connel Bridge : A distinctive landmark very close to EGEO.

  • EGEO Oban Airport (North Connel) : Stop for lunch and admire the scenery!

  • EGPR Barra Airport :

  • Skye Bridge :

  • XPLO Plockton : a few minor anomolies in XP11

  • EGPO Stornoway :

  • EGPA Kirkwall :

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