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Our Tours and Charters team has assembled a Hub360 tour around EGLL LONDON HEATHROW for all Alliance pilots.

We will be visiting the following airports:

EGLL - London Heathrow (the Hub airport)
EGCC - Manchester Airport
EHAM - Schipol Amsterdam
LFPG - Charles De Gaulle Paris
EIDW - Dublin Airport

Each airport has custom scenery that can be downloaded from the AXX Scenery Hanager, or Ted's Scenery. The Flight Information page for each flight contains the download location of the scenery.


Q. What is Hub360 ?
A. It is a set of tours that fly a set of North, South, East, and West routes from a Hub forming a circle (360 degrees) using circumference flights and radius flights.

Q. Explain Circumference and radius flights.
A. A circumference flight is flown from an airport North of the Hub to an airport East of the Hub. Whereas a Radius flight is to and from a hub to the North South East West airport.

Q. How many flights in each Tour?
A. Each Cardinal point requires a flight to and from the hub and a circumference flight as answered above, so in total it will be 12 flights.

Q. How long will each flight be?
A. It depends on the flight time from the hub to the North, South, East, and West airports. A rough guide is that if a radius flight from the hub is two hours then a circumference flight is in the region of around three hours. Of course this is dependent on suitable airports around the hub to connect to.

Q. Will normal Tour Rules Apply?
A. Yes, they are still under the same criteria of having to be flown in order.

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