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Caribbean Adventure

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The Alliance Caribbean Team has run into a temporary pilot shortage. You have been selected to head down there and provide some much needed support.

As part of your tour you will help them out by taking a 737-800 from Miami to Havana, then onto Grand Cayman, to Jamaica, and finally to St. Maarten.

You will have the opportuntiy to take the company PA-28 to some of the more challenging islands close by to practice short-field approaches and landings. The first of the practice flights takes you into St. Barthelemy (TFFJ) where you should fly each of the 3 appraoches to a full stop landing. The second practice flight takes you into Saba (TNCS), the shortest commercial runway in the world measuring only 348m. Hit the speeds, heights, and then the numbers.

After your joyride to St. Barths and Saba, you have been assigned to the C208. A mix of Cargo and Air Taxi flights take you to San Juan Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, St. Barthelemy, Saba and back to San Juan.

Trade in the C206 for a King Air (BE20) and run some Air Taxi flights to Tortola and St. Kitts. Next fly a medivac transport of a decompression sickness victim to Ponte-a-Pitre in Guadaloupe, keep the altitude at or below 1500' at all times during the trip for patient comfort. Finally, transport some passengers to Barbados and trade the King Air for a 737 back to Miami.

The Caribbean is a beautiful, fun place to fly and can also provide some of the most challenging locations to pilots who fly into them.

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