Alps Tour


Hello Once Again!

The Tours & Charters division have set up operations in The Snowy Swiss Alps, a very challenging and mountainous environment.

Flights in this tour may look short but they are VERY challenging

As always a 3 hour bonus will be awarded, as well as those prestigious pins you all love!

All flights must be reported via XACARS and make sure you have fun!

Upon completion of the tour fill out the "Completion Form" found on the main Tours and Charters web-page

See thread for more details

Flight # Departure Destination ETE Dist.
SCH1090 LOWS LOWZ 0:45 55nm
SCH1091 LOWZ LOWI 0:54 60nm
SCH1092 LOWI LSZS 0::55 75nm
SCH1093 LSZS LSZL 0:25 55nm
SCH1094 LSZL LSZC 0:30 52nm
SCH1095 LSZC LSGS 0:40 63nm
SCH1096 LSGS LSZA 0:40 63nm
SCH1097 LSZA LIPB 01:00 104nm
SCH1098 LIPB LOWX 01:00 108nm
SCH1099 LOWX LOXZ 0:30 46nm
SCH1100 LOXZ LOWS 0:40 79nm