South America Tour

South Africa Tour Pin

Hello Once Again!

The Tours & Charters division have set up operations in South America, a very diverse environment.

Flights in this tour are varied from long to short haul flights with opportunities to fly aircraft across the spectrum

As always a 3 hour bonus will be awarded, as well as those prestigious pins you all love!

All flights must be reported via XACARS and make sure you have fun!

Upon completion of the tour fill out the "Completion Form" found on the main Tours and Charters web-page

Flight # Departure Destination ETE Dist.
SCH1081 SBGR - Sáo Paulo, Brazil SBGL - Rio de Janerio, Brazil 0:50 182 nm
SCH1082 SBGL - Rio de Janerio, Brazil SUMU - Montevideo, Uraguay 2:30 984 nm
SCH1083 SUMU - Montevideo, Uraguay SAEZ - Buenos Aires, Argentina 0:40 124 nm
SCH1084 SAEZ - Buenos Aires, Agrentina SCEL - Santiago, Chille 1:50 615 nm
SCH1085 SCEL - Santiago, Chille SPJC - Lime, Peru 3:20 1328 nm
SCH1086 SPJC - Lima, Peru SEQM - Quito, Ecuador 2:00 742 nm
SCH1087 SEQM - Quito, Ecuador SVMI - Caracas, Venezuela 2:30 955 nm
SCH1088 SVMI - Caracas, Venezuela SBSV - Salvador, Brazil 4:50 2215 nm
SCH1089 SBSV - Salvador, Brazil SBGR - Rio de Janeiro 2:20 783 nm

Tour Map thanks to Great Circle Mapper.


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