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Our Tours and Charters team has assembled a STOLCARIB Tour for our Alliance pilots.

We will be visiting the following airports:

TNCM Princess Juliana Intl

TNCS Saba Juancho Yrausquin

TNCE St Eustatius F D Roosevelt

TKPK St. Kitts Bradshaw Intl

TKPN Nevis Amory Intl

TRPG Montserrat John A Osborne

TFFR Pointe a Pitre Le Raizet

TFFB Basse Terre Baillif

TFFS Terre de Haut Les Saintes

TDPD Dominica Melville Hall

TFFM Guadeloupe Marie Galante

TFFC Saint Francois

TFFA Grande Anse La Desirade

TAPA Antigua V C Bird Intl

TAPH Barbuda Codrington

TFFJ St Barthelemy

TFFG St Martin Grand Case

TQPF Clayton J. Lloyd

Each airport has custom scenery that can be downloaded from the AXX Scenery Hanager, or Ted's Scenery.

The Flight Schedule page for each flight contains the download location of the scenery.


This tour takes us back to the Caribbean but with a difference this time

We will be visiting a number of small islands in and around Saint Maarten and Antigua

You will need to be a pilot in a STOL aircraft to be able to complete this tour

STOL means Shour TakeOff and Landing type of aircraft

As in the real world some of the flights can be made using the de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter

There are two well known challenging aiports on this tour

Saba airport Aruban Minister Juancho Irausquin, has the shortest commercial runways in the world, only 400 metres (1,312 ft)

Rémy de Haenen Airport Gustaf III Airport Saint Barthélemy Airport is also a challenge because of landing downhill on a slope

All of the airports are in X-Plane and you may need perhaps a C172 for the very small airports on some of the islands

Hope you enjoy this tour and these tough challenges
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